Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Does Your Pitbull Terrier Have Allergies?


Regular scratching, tail-chasing, coughing and wheezing, eye and nose discharges - if these signs and symptoms can be observed on your pet dog, probability are very possible that he/she is suffering from allergies.

Just like their owners canine can in fact suffer from allergic reactions. About twenty percent of the pet dogs living in our properties suffer from various allergy type. Main classifications of canine allergic reactions are atopic dermatitis, tick allergic reaction, food allergic reaction plus inhalant allergy.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is pores and skin allergy disorder triggered by hypersensitivity developed by your dog's immune system to a couple of and vastly widespread substances like molds and particles mites.

If your pit bull scratches plus licks himself very frequently (particularly licking and chewing the paws, belly plus legs), and his/her ears are burning to the touch, he/she could be suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Test to spot if your dog's saliva causes stains. A red to brown stain is another indicator that your dog is atopic. In persistent cases, the skin color on the tummy changes color from pink, to a vivid red then to black.

Flea Allergy

Fleas can cause one of the most commonly know allergic reactions but in fact it really is not the tick the creates the allergy effect but the fleas spit that lots of pets are hypersensitive to.

You have to carry out a tick allergy test to in fact find out if your pit bull has fleas. If it he/she is tested positive, a strict control routine can reduce symptoms. Check with your vet as to what type of remedy is best for your dog. There is a wide array of alternatives ranging from capsules to sprays to shampoos

Inhalant Allergy

Just like their masters, dogs are vulnerable to things that trigger allergies inhaled from the air. Pollen from plants, grass, and flowers, dust mites and molds are just a few of the widespread culprits.

But, unlike their masters who exhibit inhalant allergies through sneezing and coughing, pets give you an idea about their reactions through scratching and biting as well as chewing of feet and licking repeatedly. A less common effect is chronic infections inside your dog's ears.

To Stop your dog from having allergic rections you can vacum frequently and dusting the areas your dog spends much time in (like his sleeping area). You can assist alleviate the allergy via vacuuming recurrently and dusting the places your dog spends a good deal of time in (like his sleeping area).

Food Allergy

Dogs can in reality acquire allergies from the food they eat. this is very hard to make a diagnosis because food allergies are identical to the all the other allergies that we talked about in this article.

First thing to do is to get rid of all possible allergy causing elements from your pet's diet. You can accomplish this by using a homemade meal of a protein and starch source your pitbull has not had before.

Add gradually (one at a time for approximately a week), more ingredients into it. If signs return after adding a particular ingredient, then the likely allergen could be identified.

Allergic reactions do not develop for about a week after your pit bull has consumed the food, if you discover something make sure you confirm your discovery with your vet. If you verify it you must steer clear of at all cost adding that ingredient to the meal of your pitbull .

Other warning signs of food allergies are nausea, diarrhea, wheezing as well as occasionally, changes in behavior.

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By bathing and conditioning your pitbull commonly, you can in fact help him not to catch and develop allergies.

A lot of people will in fact tell you not to bathe your pit bull frequently but that's a large mistake, as a matter of fact water aids your dog's skin plus it dose actually keep it incredibly health. There are diverse kinds of shampoos out there to treat allergies, based, of course, on your pet's particular condition.


Finding out what allergies your your pets are suffering from and the allergens that cause them possibly will be a tedious, pain-staking process.

This is in fact entirely worth the effort and this will become obvious when you notice the relief of your pit bull, his mood and wellbeing will increase dramatically and for this your pitbull will love you even more.

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